A few clips from a show in Germany I did with Bob James during a tour in October of 2009.

Trio Nomadian performing Tell Me A Bedtime Story.

Trio Nomadian performing Woody N You

I was in France at AvaulxJazz to perform some of the songs from the "Brokendown Scooter" (loosly translated) project I started recording November 2007 with Sangoma Everett (drums/vcl), Corey Harris (guitar/vcl), Carl Craig (electronics) and Kelvin Sholar (keys).

Here's proof that it wasn't all backstage passes and creme bruleƩ...

Here's a clip of me taking a solo on my song By The By at Detroit's Bert's Marketplace.

Bass solo with JoVia Armstrong @ Reggie's in Chicago 2009.

Me with guitarist Dennis Coffey performing his instrumental hit Scorpio at Baker's Keyboard Lounge.

Here's an edited clip of our impromptu medley of Chameleon and Footprints feat. Nate Winn (drms) and Demetrius Nabors (kbds).